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I See You!

"Abra" (Allegro Abra Cadabra)
"Abra was ready ere I called her name; And though I called another, Abra came."
Matthew Prior, 1664-1721, Solomon on the Vanity of the World


"Monty" lives in Washington D.C. with Ricardo and Coreen

I can see better at this angle

"Stubby" lives in Colorado. Ahhh.... the life!

Phoebe, Rosie and Dad

"Phoebe" and "Rosie" with Susie's Dad in Long Beach, California

Spencer Bird

This is a Black Phoebe flycatcher which appeared at our house three days after my Dad passed away in July. We have never seen a bird like this one at our house before although they are common to Southern California. Phoebe (the beautiful white Bull Terrier) and my Dad adored eachother.


"Harley" (Allegro Triton) lives in Anaheim, California


"Chopper" takes advantage of the hot Arizona sun (so much for the Lab being the water dog)

Good Boy!

"Hooligan" sitting pretty

You Devil Norman 

"My silly human thinks this is funny. Fine. He can laugh now, but I bet he won't laugh so much when I eat his couch." (Norman)

Code Red!

Room service ain't what it used to be. (Cody)

Tea time! What exactly was in that tea?

"Boise" enjoying his tea and taking a typical Bull Terrier nap.

Gwynedd and Gracie watching TV

"Gracie" (Allegro Non Troppo) and her "human" pillow Gwynedd


"Emma" (Allegro Black Diamond)


"Knuckles" (Allegro White Knuckles) A child of the 60's??

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