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Puppy Opossums Opossum Too?

Just like baby opossums...

You go in...I'm not going in....YOU go in

"Duley and Fannie" pondering the pool

Siegfreid Is it? Or isn't it? Roy

Can you spot the fake bullies? (Siegfreid and Roy)

Da Gurls

On their best behavior

Sleeping Babies Squeeeeze

"Bump" (Allegro Bump in the Night) and his Border Terrier "sister" Lula,
and "Bump" all grown up...still thinking that he can fit in that itty-bitty basket.

A Boy and His Dog Mason and Chubbs
Best Friends

Mason and his new puppy "Chubbs"

Where'd the dog go?

Has anyone seen the dog? Boise lives, or should I say "hides"?, in California

Can't find me!

"Pepper" hides a little better than Boise, don't you think?

Think they'll notice me? schnoz

"Boca" lives in Capistrano Beach, California


"He knocked the table over!" "No HE knocked the table over!" ("Archie" the Bull Terrier and his co-conspirator, "Oliver")

Yes, they dig

For everyone who asks.... yes, if given the opportunity, they will dig.
And, as you can see, "Sully" digs New York!

...and they garden too

They will even help you garden if given the chance.
"Hugo" (Allegro Hugomongus) is only trying to (eh hem) help.


Playing House (Roxy)

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